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Look at me steal

So let me play the presumptuous game

Name something that you would like to do with me before I move to Oregon ^_^
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steal you away and.... watch some horror movies =]
I would but we're just not that close!

heh heh heh

...uhm...hijack a Ben & Jerry's?
We should both go out and buy something for ourselves. It's something neither of us really do, and I think it's about time.
do I know you?
Uhm... I dunno... but I know I *SHOULD* have hit "post new comment" rather than be a ree-ree and hit "reply to this" -_-;
Just hang out, I'll be leaving myself in a few weeks.
Totaly, when do you leave? I'm here till November.
Hopefully I'm outta here in a couple of weeks.
Drink . . . heavely
if you drink heavily you will heave.......