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Evil sniper bugs hurt my soul!

I have awaken from a perfectly happy slumber only to discover that while i was sleeping, some fucking little stealth bug had chosen to make a snake out of me!!! This is very not cool, and makes me an unhappy kitty. >_< Now I am itchy and swollen. The little Hel spawn of a bug got me not once but 4 times! At least bees have the decency to die after the first time. The sniper bug got me twice to the stomach, one to the chest, and once to the face.
Rob found a miskito in the room and played hero and squashed it. ^_^ But i fear that it was another kinda creepy crawly that delivered me the blows. Judging by how much the swelled and puffed up (i'm talking like over an inch of puffy itching goodness here) I think it was a spider. This is not cool, and now I'm thinking about sleeping on the couch.
Damn you sniper bug, you hurt my soul.
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